Easy Spa Bathroom Design Ideas}

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What can be more relaxing and stress-relieving after the long working day than a warm bath? A spa treatment! Yet, going to the spa every day requires much money and free time that few people can afford to spend. This is why you can simply have a personal spa sanctuary. Sounds impossible to you? No, it is not. Take a look at the following bathroom design ideas and use them to make your place absolutely calming and enjoyable. You will see that the task is much easier than you expected:

Step 1 Colo

Clean lines and natural colors will make your bathing space look and feel like a real spa retreat. Earthy shades will truly calm your eyes and mind, allowing you to relax completely. The green and blue palette is an excellent choice for those who want to feel more connected to nature. Add some brown or beige accents to prevent the bathroom from looking too cold. Be careful with them, however, and try to maintain the bath clean and well arranged, otherwise it might get cluttered and clutter will really spoil your relax. Clean your bathroom regularly and thoroughly to avert mould and mildew which can ruin the colour of every material.

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Step 2 Flooring

Faux wood tiles are an excellent choice if you want to imply a warm and soothing feeling. This material is very suitable for damp bathrooms and it looks just like natural wood. Furthermore, its good maintenance and cleaning of this cheaper alternative to natural wood are easier. Faux wood is very resistant to water and the huge diversity of shades and patterns will definitely let find a suitable variety for your bathroom design.

Step 3 Details

Ensure a true spa experience every time you take a shower or bath by arranging it with some spa-themed accessories and greenery. An orchid on your bathrooms vanity will make the atmosphere really zen. You do not need plenty of elements – a blossom, some aroma candles and a spa basket are absolutely enough to decorate your bathroom. Of course, you should not forget about the shampoos and essential oils. If you happen to have many bottles, arrange only a few of them and put the others away to avoid cluttering the room. The cleaner and wider the space appears, the calmer you will feel there. The aroma of the candles and the oils will be stronger if you do not combine too much of them.

Step 4 Lighting and Warmth

The dimmed lights will not only make your bath relaxing, but they will create a very romantic ambience too. Install dimmer controls and your bathroom will be provided with the soft lighting that every first-class spa has. Your bathing experience cannot be fully spa-like if you do not wrap your already clean and soothed body with a soft and warm towel. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to hang your towel on the wall-mounted drier prior to the bath.

Who said that you should put much effort and money if you want to have a personal spa?

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